What a difference a couple of decades makes

How you may ask?  Well, let’s go back over twenty years…

I have gone from using interoffice paper memos and faxes, to seeing emails come into play, gain dominance and now, with the introduction of the strict new Canadian Anti-Spam law, forecast somewhat of a decline. We might even have to start talking to people on the phone or mailing them stuff.

I worked with creative geniuses on conceptual development, filming and editing of a national TV commercial and witnessed all the time that goes into creating 30 seconds. 

I said Twitter was silly and nothing could come of 140 characters. But up-to-the-minute updates on Twitter fuel an information junkie like nothing else.  Crazy wonderful (in moderation of course).

I think I also said I wouldn’t ever be tied to these silly cellphones. See above.

I now have created social media plans and managed website developments. I have even done some HTML. (But only enough to be dangerous so I’ve been told by actual web developers).

I jumped out of an airplane. Once.

I researched and created studies and articles on some things you may have never contemplated – like the nutrient management of manure, why a neurosurgeon uses a robotic arm or how to retire to Mexico.

As a bit of a nature aficionado, I started a weekly column called Wild Calgary for the Calgary Herald to espouse all the great events and information about nature in and around Calgary.

I worked for advertising agencies as a project/account manager on all kinds of marketing projects including the rebranding of one of Canada’s largest agribusinesses. Got the hat.

I have been accepted into the juried Calgary Stampede Western Photography Art Show.

I sprouted a few grey hairs. Ok several, strategically dyed.

All of this just to say that I think my experience could be of assistance to you. (Well, maybe not the jumping out of the airplane part but the rest could come in handy).

UPDATE: I wrote this several years ago and times have changed once again. I went back to school to combine my interest in environmental issues and justice for a master of laws in England.

What can I do for you?