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In 2021, I completed an academic adventure in the UK studying for a Master of Laws (LLM with Distinction). I developed my dissertation on how we can incorporate the spiritual value of nature into our policies and global laws. Considering the question of why biodiversity loss is still declining, even with all the international efforts, I reviewed how intrinsic value is essentially missing from most environmental evaluations. Using the ancient Behron law as an example of a more restorative and proactive framework of justice, I highlighted ways we could learn from this traditional Celtic wisdom.

From previous research for modules on international human rights, environmental and public law, I considered the justification for more standing for nature from a rights perspective and from a jurisdictional, place-based approach with an emphasis on ecological boundaries and community governance.

My two decades plus of career experience within communications, consulting, research and analysis, provides a well-rounded set of skills, a broad scope of understanding and openness to look at different perspectives in the exploration for solutions.

I am interested in the fields where an interdisciplinary approach is needed, blending my skills and interest in science and nature with social and legal analysis.

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