Bit about me

It’s career change time.  Version 2.0

The beta version goes back to an idealistic Saskatchewan farm kid  dreaming of saving endangered species.  Fast forward thirty years and a few upgrades later and I’ve worked as a communications advisor, marketing manager, researcher and business analyst.  But the original program was never completely erased and now I want to engage my unique skillset into the important issues intersecting  biodiversity and human and non human rights.
It was an environmental conference with speakers on indigenous wisdom, natural capital, confirmation bias and ecological limits that demonstrated the need for interdisciplinary approaches to environmental issues. It was a bit of an aha moment for a generalist to see how one could combine interests and aptitudes into one pursuit.

Law seemed like the perfect foundation to build upon. So I uprooted myself, overpacked and flew across the pond from Calgary, Alberta to Canterbury, England to start on a Master of Laws.

I am interested in the fields where an interdisciplinary approach is required, blending my skills and interest in science and nature with social and legal analysis. For instance, David Boyd’s book on Rights of Nature and Cormac Cullinan’s Wild Law offer an intriguing look at how the perspectives of non-human rights are changing.

I think the power in a generalist is ability to see the big picture, make the connections, troubleshoot the problems and get things done. With never-ending curiosity. I’m excited about the opportunity.

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