Do you sell prints or originals?

Most photographic images are sold as prints. Some of my images, like those that have exhibited and sold at the Calgary Stampede Western Art Showcase, are limited editions of 100. The limited editions are noted in the captions. Others are open editions. As well I offer one-of-a-kind pieces which allows you to choose the size, medium and any hand embellishing/customization that would work with your space. For instance, most images can be converted to sepia and sized to your specifications. Call for more information on customization. 403 681-2001.

What about the paintings?

The paintings are offered as giclee prints, though if the original is still available it will be noted.

What about a guarantee?

All prints are 100% guaranteed. If you order a print and it has been damaged in transit or no longer fits your vision you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price.

What type of materials do you work with?

I love to use environmentally friendly materials. Bamboo fine art paper is one choice that is easy to ship and prints out beautifully. Choosing products like aluminum provides a modern, durable piece that doesn’t require extra materials like frames or glass. Traditional canvas is another option. A new product is bamboo board. This very dense and interestingly grained board makes for a great stand alone piece when it is printed direct to the board.

How big do you go?

How big do you want to go? Pictures are impressive when they are larger. So up to 8’ at the longest side is possible with most images and products. Many images are a part of a series as well, so a grouping can be done up with three larger images, let’s say, for a dramatic wall space.

How does shipping work?

It is difficult and expensive to ship images framed or printed direct to metal or bamboo, therefore we offer canvas or fine art paper prints which can be rolled in a mailing tube. You can have the images framed or stretched at your location. Metal and bamboo board options are available and would require quoted shipping rates.

Any other questions? email me at angela@waitewoodbeck.com or call 403 681.2001.

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